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Financially Focused Instagrams You Should Follow

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Here are some of my favorite financial bloggers on Instagram.

@savemycents: Shang has an incredible passion for finance and helping people. Her determination is inspiring! Her feed is a great mix of solid financial advice and motivational words. She is pursuing #fire.

@debtfreeinsunnyca: Amanda is a part of the #debtfree and #fire communities, just like me! Her feed offers a great mix of posts on her life, actionable tips and questions that spur you into action. I love that her feed shares her personal life–this is something you don't always get to see with financial influencers!

@blackmarrieddebtfree: Marcus and Shrya have financial content on being #debtfree and more in all forms–whether you watch their Instagram videos, read Shrya's book or listen to their podcast, their message is sure to get across! Their blog is positive, fun and motivating.

@daveramsey: How could I not include the king of being #debtfree himself? Dave's feed is an uplifting combination of families celebrating their new debt-free status, quick actionable tips and of course, information on his own programs. Sometimes Dave does special giveaways or will run challenges (like the $1,000 pay off in August) that are fun and motivating! Corey and his wife are Boston-based #fire folks with financial memes for days! Their feed is fun and happy when the world of personal finance can seem like all work and no play.

@thefinancialdiet: My all-time favorite financial resource! The Financial Diet offers wonderful tools for learning personal finance in a variety of mediums–including YouTube and their website. They frequently post fun content that recognizes differences in abilities and privilege when it comes to finance.

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